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Notre équipe

Une équipe de Travel Designer à votre service

L'équipage d'Objectif France

Each Objectif France travel advisor and guide is a France and Western Europe travel specialist.


While some agencies only verify their staff's training in tourism, Objectif France pays special attention to our guides' knowledge and love of France and Western Europe.


Knowing that French expertise is what makes Objectif France stand apart; we devote a substantial part of our budget to training "in the field". Visiting new hotels, on-site monitoring of hospitality structure improvements and keeping up to date with new cultural venues – without ever hesitating to go off the beaten track – are all an integral part of working as a guide and specialist.


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The team at your service:


Stephen MOLLOY

Stephen is the kiwi on the team. Urbanist by training, he spent most of his twenties travelling and living overseas. Bitten by the bug, he lived in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, California, Australia, DRC, Kenya, Pakistan...and then France.  Lover of all things two wheeled, it was the 2004 Tour de France that lured him into the French Alps for the first time. Yet, it was the cheese, the history, the culture and the Amour that convinced him to stay.

His last big trip : Exploring France on a bike with my kids in a bike trailer. 

Favourite local destinations : Corsica, hands down the best. Followed by Provence and Bordeaux.

Favourite accommodation spot :  Le Hameau de la Mûre


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Sophie is the multilingual girl on the team. She joined us after her language studies led her to England and the U.S.A. This is where she discovered a real love for anglo-saxon culture. She brought back from Arizona her passion for country music which delights (almost) everybody in the office when she turns the volume up. Passionate about travel, meeting nice people and discovering fresh new places, Sophie is great at giving advice to people who dream of visiting France.

Her last trip : a weekend in the Herault’s Canyon.

Her favourite destinations : Burgundy, Paris, Nice and the French Riviera.

Her prefered accomodation : the Sainte Victoire Lodges


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Joël est le « sudiste » de l’équipe. Né à Perpignan, il a passé les 30 premières années de sa vie entre l’Hérault et le Gard avant de venir s’installer à Lyon, poussé par la passion du voyage et pour saisir une opportunité professionnelle qui allait lui permettre d’assouvir sa passion pendant les 15 années suivantes. Après avoir voyagé dans plus de 30 pays, il souhaite maintenant faire découvrir le sien, la France, aux voyageurs du monde entier ! Expériences exclusives, rencontres insolites, hébergements de charme sont pour lui les composantes essentielles d’un séjour réussi…plus une petite dose d’imprévu qui fait souvent que le voyage devient mémorable et magique !
Son dernier voyage : le Luberon, en Provence
Ses coins préférés : les montagnes « douces » et le soleil de Cerdagne, dans les Pyrénées Orientales, la majesté et le charme des châteaux de la Loire, les forêts du Jura et leurs sapins pluri-centenaires..
Son hébergement préféré :    Hotel Manali in Courchevel


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Franck POTHE

Franck, nicknamed « the boss », is a native of western France, where he spent his early years exploring Brittany and the Loire Valley with his family. His passion for mountain climbing led him to live 15 years in Chamonix. He added Parapente to his repertoire and spent a number of years exploring the French and Swiss Alps. He now lives with his family in a small village of the Beaujolais surrounded by vineyards, where he is restoring an old wine-maker’s farmhouse built in 1555… if you don’t see him at the office, maybe you’ll come across him with a diver’s wetsuit on along a river undertaking a scuba dive on an archeological dig, this being another passion.

His last trip : a discovery of Carcassonne and the Cathares castles.

His favourite destinations : Chamonix valley and the Mont Blanc, the Lavaux vineyards above the Lake Leman in Switzerland, Cancale Harbour opposite from the Mont Saint Michel (for the oysters you see)…

His favourite accomodation : the « château des Arpentis »


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Manon is the Millenial on the team. A real traveller at heart, her taste for travel first led her through Europe before she flew to Australia to improve her english. Born in Alsace, studied in Toulouse « la ville rose », she has now settled in Lyon. Her moving around and about the country, and her desire for new discoveries has granted her a keen knowledge of real what is real France and where to find it. She loves helping travelers see atypical France and getting them off the beaten track. As a travel addict, she enjoys lovely places and likes to select new exclusive spots for her customers.

Her last journey : a road trip through Switzerland and France, mainly based on original activities.

Her favourite destinations are : Luberon National Park with its nested villages such as Gordes or Roussillon, quaint Alsace with its half-timbered houses and villages in bloom, and the Loire Valley.

Her prefered accomodation : the « Crillon le Brave » hotel in Provence.


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